Mechatronics Engineering

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Department of Mechatronics Engineering


Nowaday, most of the mechanical machinery and processes are products of mechanical and electrical nature. Examples of these include wide engineering areas of automotives, aerospace, production machining, test and measurement and living appliances for daily needs. Under this background, the combination of the engineering studies including the existing mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and electronics with a new paradigm for design and engineering is Mechatronics.

Typical method of approach in mechatronics

  • onverting many existing mechanical functions into mechatronics functions and improving mechanical flexibility and synthesis
  • Implementing effective control to complex mechanical systems
  • Intelligent processing and interpretation of mechanical and electrical data

In essence, Mechatronics is a new field of study combining emerging mechanical engineering technologies with the technologies of sensor measurement, actuators, micro-processors, real-time software. Application areas of Mechatronics are wide from ultra-precision machining to servo systems as well as heavy machinery and jet engines.