Chemical Engineering

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Department of Chemical Engineering


Department of Chemical Engineering has turned out about 800 chemical engineers after establishment in 1986, who play brilliant roles in the field of chemical engineering industry.

Currently seven faculty members teaches major subjects of chemical engineering at the graduate and undergraduate school. Thus, master and Ph.D. courses are opened for the education of experts. Each faculty operates research laboratory, and students can take the chance to learn advanced technologies at the laboratory by performing research works for the development of science and technologies in chemical engineering.

Students in the bachelor's course take ABEEK educational program as a engineering accreditation. Variety of major subjects are opened such as thermodynamics, reaction engineering, transport phenomena, separation process, process control, bio-materials, polymers, electrochemistry, chemical-plant design, etc. Experiment class at the laboratories opened in each semester furnishes the chance to learn research skill, treatment of chemical materials and handling of equipments. Students present papers for the bachelor's degree after research at each laboratory under the guidence of advisor.

Graduates can get opportunities of finding jobs at the industries and institutes as engineers or researchers in the fields of manufacturing of advanced materials, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, polymers, biotechnology, environmental engineering and health care.