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Engineering Informaion Center

Engineering Information Center (EIC) was established in May 1991. Our program offers a computational based environment for both faculty ad students in engineering education and research. Our professionally developed curriculum provides an ˇ°Easy Startˇ± option to guide students as they begin their engineering studies. We have three study rooms available for individual or group studies and ˇ°hands-onˇ± research in computers, machine construction, chemical engineering, bio-chemical engineering, and computer aided design (CAD). Available equipment for student and faculty use include high-proficiency computer systems, full internet access, printer-plotters, and other various equipment/hardware necessary for in-depth, hands-on engineering research and study.


Factory was established in December 1984 and agreed upon dedicating 80 square meters of floor space to student and faculty engineering study. It was hoped then that this would open the door for future growth of the engineering department. Today, the facility boasts a modern research laboratory complete with such equipment as precision machining, diagnostic, measurement, and heat treatment tools, and other second party tools and equipment necessary for other engineering research projects. Department of Engineering always updates and improves its curriculum, facilities and equipment as we grow and constantly seek to improve the engineering experience at Gangwon National University.