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Innovation Center For Engineering Education


The College of Engineering affiliate Inovation Center for Engineering Education studies curriculum to improve Kangwon National University College of Engineering's qualitative improvement and internal stability. And It was established in December 2004 with the aim of support and advisory role for the smooth execution of all related tasks of ABEEK.

Institute of Industrial Technology


The research team of the Institute of Industrial Technology are composed of faculties of the College of Engineering and College of Information Technology in Kagnwon National University. Based on a principle of empirical research, the Institute is established to provide superb education and research programs on engineering theory and application. The Institute of the outstanding faculties trains talented students through quality university education. Moreover, the Institute shall provide a wide range of support to develop national and regional industry through university-industry-institute joint activities. In addition, the Institute shall vitalize educational and research works of the researchers through periodic publication of research journals, hosting of international and domestic academic conferences, promotion of joint research between researchers of the institute by establishing the center, recruitment of outstanding graduate students, encouragement of joint global researches, information exchange and joint research between universities and research institutes home and abroad.

Research Institute of Medical Devices


Research Institute of Medical Devices at Kangwon National University opened in 2004 for the purposes of research in the medical devices area, implementation of its development and nurturing of elite manpower. We have participated in national projects such as Leading Industry Development Project for Economic Region in 2014 and Economic Cooperative Industry Development Project in 2016. We also contributed in attracting Idea Factory Project in 2015. We provide the most current information to the professionals at the university and the local businesses by hosting professional seminars 8 times per year, and are contributing to the increase in competitiveness of the university education and the industry by conducting CAD analysis training 2 times per year. Research Institute of Medical Devices will take on the leading role in the development of the medical devices industry, which is Gangwon-dos strategic business, through multidisciplinary, and converged research by linking the local businesses with various research institutes and departments at the university.

KNU Industry-University&institute Partnership Division Center


It utilizes abundant technology development resources such as excellent research personnel, R & D equipments, and experimental equipments of Kangwon National University and solves the difficulties of medium and small enterprises's technology base. Also, By cultivating technical manpower and supplying specialized medium and small enterprises technical manpower, we are establishing an organic cooperation system between academic and research in the region.

KNU Start-up & Enterpreneurship Foundation


Start-up & Enterpreneurship Foundation in Kangwon National University KNU was selected as the first Leading business university in the province after the keen competition with 77 universities across the country . Leading business university rearing enterprise is a business that fosters university as a local founding base to promote young people's start-up and create start-up ecology like Silicon Valley. Also support several programs throughout the start-up process.

LINC+, Leaders in industry-university Cooperation


Cultivate talented people to meet the demand of industry by creating various industry-university cooperation model for mutual growth of local universities and local industries. In 2012, the Ministry of Education's University Leading Industry-University Cooperation rearing enterprise selected to LINC industry-university Cooperation of Kangwon National University.