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Title : 2016-Fall ADMISSION]VISA extension/type change for New Students living in Korea.
Name : 관리자 Date : 2017-01-09 10:10:10 Hit : 449
Attach : application form.doc(125KB) - Download: 70
We are scheduled to visa extension/type change for New Students living in Korea.

Please submit Documents and Application fee to the Office of International Affairs(O.I.A.)

1) You should bring in your documents and application fee in person to O.I.A. Also, you have to fill in Application Form in the office.

2) We don’t support Visa service for F3, F4 Visa

3) If you want to change/extend your visa by yourself, please inform the office.

(Pleae don't forget that you have to report changing of residence to Emigration office. Otherwise, you may pay large fine.)

?Address of O.I.A. : Office of International Affairs, Taebaek-Guan 4F, 1 KangwonDaehak-Gil, ChunCheon-Si, Kangwon-Do.(강원도 춘천시 강원대학길 1 태백관 4층 국제교류본부)

?Tel : 033-250-6985


? Necessary Documents (all of documents should be submit Original, no duplicate or scaned)

1. Application form(You can get it in the office of international affairs)

2. Passport photo(3.5*4.5) took within 6 month(If picture is same with picture on the alien registration card and passport, It is not acceptable) Visa type change only

3. Alien Registration Card(Original thing)

4. Copy of passport

5. Proof of Residence document : Students living off campus should submit documented evidence such as Tenancy Agreement

6. Application fee :
- Visa type change : 130,000 Won(only cash)
- Visa extension : 60,000 Won

? Deadline: August. 23, 2016
(After deadline, we don't support to extend/change of your visa.)

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